Prenatal Yoga
Cost:  $75.00

Our prenatal yoga classes are designed to help women feel comfortable, peaceful, and empowered throughout their pregnancy – and beyond! Through asana – or, the physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation – women will build strength and confidence while also enjoying ample opportunities for rest and relaxation. Prenatal yoga is known to improve sleep, relieve stress, and help alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy. It will also help to prepare your body for childbirth and provide you with techniques to help you through labor and delivery. Additionally, this class is an excellent opportunity to meet and join other women in the community and share in your journeys together. A written permission slip from your OB/midwife is required before the first class and can be faxed to 703.858.8674 or you can bring it to class. Classes are held weekly in the Natural Birth Center classroom on Mondays and Thursdays. Meet in Suite 110 of the 44055 Medical Office Building (South Lobby). Classes are offered weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings. Participants are not restricted to set class dates. Once you’ve purchased your 6-class pack, you may attend your choice of 6 classes within a 3 month timeframe. Space remaining below may not reflect entries made within the last hour. If you are considering a class with very few remaining spaces, please register promptly. If the class has filled, you will be notified and added to a waiting list if desired

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